Having a grand vacation doesn’t always entail spending a lot of money. For me, it’s how you spend your luxury time – family and friends. In my 3-day stay in Cebu, I only had one night chance to sleep. Days and night of fun, craziness, and adventure – loving every moment of it!

Day 1: The wedding
If our entire itinerary was a fine dining, this is the main course. The very reason of our quick visit in Cebu – Ace and Jessa wedding. The event was romantic and super fun, plus I met a bunch of new cool and fabulous friends – awesome! I believe we are in a world where everything is happening in an instant. Feona became an instant bride’s maid. Manny, instant photographer. Trina, my instant laughing-trip-partner.

Day 2: Whale Shark Adventure
This is the time when we switched ourselves to Vampire Mode. Sleep deprivation is not a special case to us adventurers. After the long and fun wedding day, we spend the rest of the night in Starbucks, IT park Cebu. Laugh trip again with Trina and Feona, while munching on the sponsored KFC fun shots by Eva (Thanks Evs!). And we are down to 3 a few minutes later when hibernate mode starts to kick in. Thanks again Trina, those few sticks saved us from totally collapsing. You are a savior!

2 PM strikes, we’re only a few minutes to our next adventure – whale shark viewing. Our bus departed at 4:00 AM and made it to Tan-awan, Oslob by 6:45 AM. As expected, a few people were already ahead of us. The process was quiet simple.
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Posted: January 26, 2012 in Random

dreamAccording to research, we only remember 90% of our dream. There maybe times when we just forget whether or not we dream something that night. But sometimes, we are so into our dreams that we wouldn’t realize its not real until we wake up. So vivid we can even describe and recall in detail what we were dreaming. But dreams can be so cryptic, what you see doesn’t always define what it means.

Dreams can be fun, adventurous, ridiculous, sad, tragic, silent, anxious, wet, horrifying, etc. – all of our emotions can be summoned while we dream. So mysterious there’s no perfect explanation about it. It’s like a movie but you just cannot choose a genre. But what I love about being in a dream is, it feels like I am warping in a different dimension – a metaphysical world! And as awkward as it may seem, my spirituality is longing for that place. It’s like my inner-self’s refuge when reality seems to be a nightmare. And speaking of nightmare, studies show that we dream mostly with negative emotions than positive ones. These nightmares are brought about by the most common emotion – anxiety! If your negative emotions outweighs the positive, then you are most likely to have nightmares. So always think positive thoughts and vibes in your waking life especially when you are about to sleep. 🙂

Well, here are some of the unforgettable emotions… in my DREAMS.

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HON Garena Star League Game: Awesome!!!

Best game I’ve ever seen. Both teams played so good I can just jump out of my seat by just watching. Very close fight indeed!!! For those who missed the epic fight, click the link below to see the replay and other games during the event.

Replay: Impunity vs. Duskbin – Final Round!

Note: The game starts at around 16:20 of the video. Enjoy!





Watch videos for Midas’ and Geomancer’s build:

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Another cool and colorful hero of Heroes of Newerth – Rhapsody! Beats you with her beat, Makes you wanna dance to the rhythm of the heat. Let’s dance to this flamboyant hero! ^^



For more info, watch Miss Pudding’s Hero Spotlight:
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This hero looks like a re-engineered Engineer! Another gunslinger of Heroes of Newerth – cool! Witch and Flint must be so envious of this new attention.

The Master of Arms

Master of Arms

Watch Miss Pudding’s Spotlight of this hero.
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Ang Akong Pimple

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Random
Ang akong pimpel sobra ka maulawon
Mag tago-tago, nya kita raba’y hasulon
Panalagsa ra kaayo siya magpakita
Pero inig mka lugar, sahay pakapinan pa ug na-na (pus)
Ug dili gali sa akong buko-buko,
Adto pud mag tung-tong sa akong ulo
Hasta ang aping sa akong lubot
Adto pud siya magkalingaw ug palibot
Panalagsa, akong dangas nga agtang iyang tirada
Tubo didto tubo dinhi, hala cge lang patutyada!
Naay kas-a, mura na ko’g si Tien Shinhan
Nag palabi kaayo’g dako, pagka tuy-toy jud sa kanahan!
Ug karon, akong ilong nasab ang gidumtan
Akong kugmo iyang gi kumpitensiyaan
Walay kaikog, tua’s ilawom napahipi
Nagpalabi’s iyang gibati
Kung hikapon, perti rabang sakita
Ug ma tandugan, mka balikas jud ka
Atay, pisti ka, animal
Tawag ug Mama, ug uban pa!
Oh sha!
Agwantahun ko nlang ni siya
Ako ay mo kain pa
Kay ting pani-udto na!

Quiet evident that S2 games is pretty much serious into keeping up the excitement of players in the HON arena. Together with Monkey King, another exciting hero packed in a single patch – the Drunken Master! 😀

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Inspired by Chinese movie series and epic novel Journey to the West. Also a character in the 2008 movie The Forbidden Kingdom that starred Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

jet li, monkey king

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Mikmikoi – New Look!

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Random

If it wasn’t because of her flea, we wouldn’t be shaving her fur. Despite her daily bath plus a flea shampoo, seems like they are just countless. Keeps on re-spawning over and over again. And they are everywhere – floor, curtains, even on our bed sheets. Sucks!

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